Allan Mathews
Allan Mathews has worked with us on awide range of Supply Chain issues. His experience in small start-up companies through mid-sized national organisations, up to multinationals such as ACI and BOC Gases compliments our full time skills especially in:
  • Contract warehouse and distribution management
  • Manufacturing and Logistics software
  • WMS Software selection & installation

Carpenter Ellis
Carpenter Ellis is an Supply Chain consultancy headed up by Deborah Ellis (not related to our founder). Deborah has worked extensively in the Asia-Pacific pacific region, both with experts such as John Gatorna, and others. Carpenter Ellis provides consulting and support services to organisations in the areas of:

  • Supply Chain and logistics strategy
  • Network optimisation (for complex supply, manufacturing, distribution decisions)
  • Market effectiveness strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Customer Service strategy

Carpenter Ellis has long-established associations with some of the leading exponents of supply chain and operations research from the U.S and the U.K and access to the most advanced supply chain decision support software.

Deborah Ellis
Carpenter Ellis Pty Ltd
Ph: +61 2 9546 6941